American swimmer Simone manual, 100 meter free-form swimming won the gold award. Olympic record is in the Olympics swimming gold medalist Manuel, Kilian's first African-American competitor.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games ladies' 100 M free-form last, while the battle scenes inhale, there was a first ever.

the 20-year-old American swimmer Simone manual and 16-year-old Canadian Penny Oleksiak, degrees of sharing the Gold Medal of 52.70, likewise marked the notable accomplishments.


Manuel, the achievement of the Olympics in the meantime swimming gold decoration champ was the main African American female competitors. the 20-year-old competitor additionally 100 M free-form following 1984 for the benefit of the UNITED STATES in decoration winning was the principal competitor. likewise in 1984, Nancy Hogshead and Carrie Steinseifer American swimmers needed to share the gold decoration.

In men, the 2000 Sydney Olympics 50 m free-form swimming gold award again with Gary Hall Jr., victor of the American Anthony Ervin, the primary gold decoration winning African-American male swimmer.


He had taken motivation from African-American players from before saying that this award is not just for himself, is striking. Ingraining pride in doing another record-breaking competitor who said he wanted to move them, the dark swimmer later on itself will be cheerful.

Known as the "Simone, dark swimmer" itself does not exceptionally glad in the expression " dark 20 swimmers, who said that swimmers from achievement, record and unrealistic to utilize a decoration.

Simone says it is not valid, as much as anybody buckling down paying little heed to skin shading, and you need to win.

a 16-year-old OLYMPIC RECORD

Canadian swimmer Penny Oleksiak, encountering the primary got to be one of the legends of the night of.

Gold Medal of the Olympic record and Simone offer with Manuel Oleksiak, 21. the principal gold decoration in the Olympics and 21st century competitor.

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