Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov's little girl Liza Peskova came to Antalya. 

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov's little girl Liza Peskova, occasions Turkey with regards to photographs taken in Instagram partook in his record. Peskova, Turkish wrote in the message, "Hi Turkey, we miss you!" he said. 

Russia President Vladimir Putin's Spokesman Peskov's 18-year-old little girl Peskova, Russian post is, "Hi Turkey! We missed you! Turkey's entryways are interested in the Russians. There's a great deal there and they adore us subjects of Russia, "he said. 

Peskova, last April additionally shares the message of global general supposition from Instagram Turkey against terrorist assaults in stay inert. 

Peskova, Turkey get-away with her beau. 

Father Dmitry Peskov and Russian-Turkish businesspeople Association (RTİB) Secretary General is granddad Vladimir Solotsinki Moscow State University to Turkologist, for example, Turkish, Turkey any open door, learners cherished Peskova.

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