Kylie Minogue Getting Married

Kylie Minogue with her boyfriend Joshua Sasse's getting married.

The Princess of pop 48-year-old Australian singer Kylie Minogue for difficult days are over. Minogue, the fiance 20 years younger than him, the 28-year-old British actor Joshua Sasse announced was going to marry.

Despite the difference in their border for over 20 years said know Joshua is a sound, ' Kylie feels alive to me every day. Magic, excitement, fun and sex. When they came to my mind ' Kylie says, and adds: ' not having Love. I love a mature woman than me '.

Unlucky in love until Keang Minogue, finally broke a leg. Last year, starting with the couple in September, five months after getting engaged
Kylie Minogue at the age of 36 in 2005 to, was diagnosed with breast cancer. During his tour with the support of their fans and that delay faced the Mİnogue, later participated in many related to breast cancer campaign.
Minogue and Sasse, said that next year the wedding.

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