Colton Haynes: ' I'm gay, I said and my Dad killed himself '

  The 28-year-old actor Colton Haynes Out Magazine interview, such as bombs fell on the agenda

' Arrow ' and ' star of Teen Wolf, a 28-year-old actor Colton Haynes Out Magazine interview earthquake. Haynes, first to his family he was gay when his father committed suicide for the first time.

The number of young stars on the cover the magazine interview September tragic life story for the first time. Actor, ' I was 14 years old and I decided to tell my parents I'm gay and class to my friends. But my father discovered 40 killed himself with a pill. I blamed myself for a long time and my dad then how can you say such a thing, I thought. So I hid from everyone I'm gay for a long time, he said.


Not very close to no time with his father, but lived for a long time over this depression the stars, he feels guilt for a long time due to lying, he added: ' I came to Los Angeles to be an actor at the age of 17. To be successful, and I hide from everyone I'm gay. '

It is the first time this past may in gay Entertainment Weekly describes to Haynes, now says he's never heard of cloaking requirement. Cover photo of the actor, who share in the magazine under ' Instagram account Today I never thought you were coming, I'm in tears and I'm very happy '.

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