Katy Perry: Taylor Swift Diss Tracks in way?!

Unless you've given your life to paying reverence to the movie profession of Matt Damon and have consequently spent the previous year developing potatoes on Mars (You truly should've recently re-sanctioned Goodwill Hunting or something.), then you're presumably mindful of the progressing fight between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Despite the fact that Taylor is apparently the best recording craftsman on the planet, Katy has taken the high ground as of late, as the aftermath from "Taylor Swift hellfire week" keeps on wreaking destruction on the "Ill will" vocalist's notoriety.

That tune, obviously, was Swift's method for discharging a notice shot at her long-lasting adversary.

It should have been titled "Stride Off or My Squad Will End You (accomplishment. Kendrick Lamar)."

Presently, it looks as if Katy might set some up diss tracks of her own, and in light of the titles, they'll be also unsubtle.

As per Star magazine Katy has enlisted titles to a few tunes that sound like they'll address her undeniably revolting meat with Taylor:

Katy has supposedly as of now started recording tracks named "Crocodile Tears", "She's So Creepy", "Last Cry" and "Triumph."

"She's So Creepy" could simply be one of Katy's amusingly self-deploring jams, however the other three positively solid like they have some chomp to them.

It's an essential minute, as beside a couple shade-tossing tweets, Katy has for the most part taken the more responsible option and stayed noiseless on her cool war with Swift.

Presently, it would seem that we'll at last get Katy's musical reaction to "Ill will."

Which implies you can rely on Taylor to return fire.

This is fundamentally transforming into the much, much-more manageable popular music form of Biggie versus Tupac.

Simply ensure you keep it on wax, women!

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