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Kendall Jenner was the star on the front of the September issue of Vogue magazine. Kendall told Vogue magazine's adolescence, encounters. 

Presently consider something super unexpected, however a few things are. Much obliged to you to my father how much since I'm a boyish girl. That is the reason I think this adjustment in him was truly hard for me, on the grounds that " you be instructed everything about boyish girl '. 

Despite the fact that the 20-year-old Caitlyn Jenner (mother) is not ordinary and everything is super bizarre with the bat. 

"Once in a while when I was little, my dad somewhat dismal and candidly I look to a photograph. You need to Dodge them, you must be another man for affection. On the off chance that I didn't say as much, you're a surprisingly beneficial turn of events, "he says."

Kendall Jenner, was on the front of Vogue September number. Question and answer with him. 

Most loved excellence item: red lipstick.

Most loved motion picture: The Notebook.

The most dearest sibling investing energy: Khloe.

Shrouded ability: do winged creatures.

Fear: Crepes (from the opening).

To start with employment:.

Who you snicker? My Friend Tyler.

In the morning excellence schedule: drink water and brushing my teeth.

What would you like to say to your fans? I adore you.

What three things you're searching for in a man? Trust, a great comical inclination and an incredible style.

Talking from his home life, Caitlyn his Kendall Exchange are influenced, she says she saw the world change. " Do you need to know what's insane? At the point when looking at something I need to be cautious how I say I would prefer not to do wrong in light of the fact that for him, since I'm never out of it, I raised my voice, yet of late I sincerely however my mom in the event that I told others the second figure is that in light of my dad. " Her sister Kylie Jenner as: "we experience every one of our lives are what we call life and what are we going to do here. I think we know, however what's happening with we? Kylie has a point and I think his mother duplicate as a result of cosmetics and nails and toenails. When we found when utilizing things like her delicate bosom. We have found that wig, "he said. 

We didn't invest a great deal of energy and lives with Caitlyn completely deciphered are: 

"He awakens at a young hour in the morning, wear the garments, went out and gets us back to class with Bruce, totally ordinary. So one morning I woke up at 4:00, I went down the stairs to the kitchen and I'm parched and I got a container of water. What's more, when I returned, my father was going down a wig and cosmetics, wore his shoes. What's more, he didn't see me. I truly wear. It would be ideal if you return structure to one side. In any case, he swung both to one side and to one side. He didn't see me once more. Express gratitude toward God he swung to one side and right up 'til the present time have no clue what it is. I saw him interestingly. "

Experience as: "We the general population, on the off chance that they're distinctive, and we acknowledged that way who was. We were not judgmental. In any case, to be honest, it's peculiar, when your dad is a man totally the a different way. It's unquestionably an unpleasant affair, "he said. 

Cindy Crawford said the model engravings 

"I'd like to have a profession that endures quite a while. I'm not going to take any risks and I'm not going to do different things, but rather I'd like to resemble Cindy Crawford: I'd like her to lapse until. Since I cherish him and I regard him, there's a few things throughout her life I need in my life. "he said. 

Consistently I need to figure out how to get away 

My own life and I get a kick out of the chance to spruce up. Consistently I need to figure out how to get away; others need to get their auto. Step by step instructions to dispose of the things that tail me in my life, now and then I discover it takes me 60 minutes. Also, the second one out all alone, while scrubbing down and what these are the point at which I accomplish something else than I need it to be superior to anything me. Normal, to be genuine and humble.

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