Amber Rose Has a New Hairstyle Shocked Everyone

It's been a long time since short hair uses Amber Rose fans by surprise. Amber Rose was seen in the Tv show in Los Angeles on Wednesday and thin, wearing a tight dress showed the new image. New hairdo stretch dress Amber Rose has stretched down the shoulders.

Fans Of Selfie Asks To Be Towed Away

Wore on their gray dress with stretch body line bartılı exhibits a way celebrity model, fans once again. We are used to seeing celebrities with short hair, long hair, model fan. Fans of the famous model in this genre on the tail of a long selfie to photograph.

Amber Rose has turned out to be a wig of hair and Amber Rose wig put on your son.

"Of course, Sebastian's mother was a scary zombie with the wig today and Frobabies loves the shirt."

Comment on Sebastian's growing up in the photo. Amber also comment on them, as did her very little people ', wrote Wow they find huh? Male wanting to wear a wigfor my baby? Straight guys, do yourself a favor: a wig and see to the return of another man. I'll wait. "

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