Jennifer Lopez Will Be The Goddess Of Drugs!

Jennifer Lopez, dubbed "Goddess of Drugs", the life of Colombian drug Queen Griselda Blanco HBO will take the lead role in making.

Last feature film The Boy Next Door (Neighbors), Claire Peterson, who portrays Latin-born American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, making a new HBO preparing to stand up to the fans.

Lopez, in the 70 and 80s Colombia drug cartels known as the "Goddess of Drugs" Griselda Blanco HBO's new movie to portray in his life.

The most popular of the period before the drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar, one of Blanco, 3 September 2012 Pro one motorcycle with while traveling by shot in the head and died.

Griselda's complicated life for many years who said Lopez, from the project intrigued very hopeful.

Lopez, Griselda's story and connecting with the audience of HBO's attention, this Association will get a perfect job out. This step has HBO, Netflix's opponent, another drug trafficker Pablo Escobar's life of "Narco" also after out of sight.

Finally, 5 years is the alleged pregnant Jennifer Lopez from Casper Smart, for the Italian luxury shoe brand, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and accessories collection with photos the agenda.

Griselda Blanco 47-year-old to portray Lopez, My Little Girl started acting career with the film in more than 30 countries. in 1998, starring Out of Sight with the film was the first Latin player on the $ 1 million of the new series of performance owning Lopez already is eagerly awaited.

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