Bounce back Romance! Johnny Depp's Family "Establishing" For Him To Reunite With Vanessa Paradis

Friends and family accuse performer's ex Amber Heard for separating long-lasting previous couple.

While Johnny Depp is secured an intense separation fight with Amber Heard, his loved ones are beseeching him to get back with his ex, Vanessa Paradis!

"Vanessa has been there for Johnny all through the whole wreckage," long-term family insider Heather Rassel, who was once hitched to Depp's nephew, only told "We're all pulling for them to get back together!"

Depp, 53, and Paradis, 43, have two youngsters together — Lily-Rose, 17, and John Depp III, 14.

"Lily most likely censures Amber for separating her folks and she'd love for them to get back together — they both would," Rassel said.

Depp and Heard were hitched for just 15 months before she blamed him for misuse and petitioned for separation in May.

"We generally suspected it was converse brain research," Rassel told Radar. "Her blaming him for things that she did."

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