The snake story, shall we say, or Foxx and Holmes affair ...

Two years ago, Katie Homes and Jamie Foxx based on claims the love between the two sides remained quiet. They are not leaking water between environments with dual heads and a period of mixed up the truth surfaced.

Over the past day, Foxx's friend Claudia Jordan, since the rumors first came out it was hiding it with description, such as bombs fell on the agenda! Foxx I and if after that she takes to Jordan, ' misspoke ' started to say but in vain. Claims are now stronger than ever. And the pair is together for years now is almost certain.

Keeping it a celebrity couple what lies under that relationship if you say steadfastly, he ' Tom Cruise effect '. Because until then, actors stand out with Holmes, Cruise just after marriage and was very upset for no mention of. And to keep from falling in the same situation again, he hides and the domestic partnership does not answer any questions. After leaving the US Cruise community attracts big troubles in front of Holmes. But, somewhere in a short period of time the couple sees their photos? Not very likely.

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