This week's developments do not necessarily need to know, our news.

An intriguing scenario the Yahia in the world of cinema, which brings together the actress in the movie Ocean's Eleven, consisting of a new version. Directed by Gary Ross will do if the film's new staff is amazing! For now, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Elizabeth Banks and Helena Bonham Carter join team appears to be more certainty to take part as well as names. In short, not a vision of history yet, Hollywood's most ' cool ' get ready to watch the women on the same screen!

Was the day that Justin Bieber is amazing news from the front. Brace yourselves: because the Biebs has got a new girlfriend! The past day relationships, share photos from Japan announcing Bieber's girlfriend is also very familiar. Famous musician Lionel Ritchie's 17-year-old model daughter, Sofia. Of course, each step was also eventful as Biebs. As such, it has no unsatisfied after Ritchie fans insulted and threatened everyone by doing special Instagram account. Drama over san, right? On top of all this Selena Gomez, the photo under the "don't be mad to your fans, they brought you here. Your relationship is supposed to be special for you and you shouldn't have any. "when things escalated. Bieber says, "and they make the people using Me to be famous now so sad. Yours. "for now, put the point. You still don't believe that it's over here much of this story, we say.

Empire announced strict followers of the series: Fiction characters are among the most popular diva Cookie Lyon, will meet with his wife in real life! The third season of the popular series of guest-starred in the decades of the ' real ' diva, Mariah Carey. Itself rather than, ' Kitty ' will play a superstar singer named Cookie we look forward how it's going to be the smallest amount of scenes!

Giuseppe Zanotti stars like, because so used to working with the new project in one of the most famous names of the now brand of guest. Gigi Hadid's girlfriend and a former member of One Direction Zayn Malik, will be released in 2017 will collaborate with a shoe collection for the brand. Last year's Paris fashion week in partnership with designers and suppliers who met the singer, "Malik's Style so they want to say, without fear, that's what you have to say what it means to say them. Samantha I think collections always does, that's what I'm trying to do by my music. "says. Let's see how parts revealed?

ADI Ezra shortly after her marriage with baby heralds model Bar Refaeli, recently received the first child. Born in Tel Aviv, the Israeli model, brought daughter ' Liv '.Then, the wedding planner Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel's Let's just say per.

' Shades of Blue ' series in scenes now, carrying out both sets together like Jennifer Lopez can't get enough acting. Describes the new project will do in a movie was produced by singer, the legendary drug cartel and the killer, Griselda Blanco. J. Lo is going to be a first for, can be called the Godfather of the film, which tells the life of the character, the female version of the HBO airing. I'm going to have to look extremely ugly for this role is Lopez's set of photos we're curious to see.

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